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those albums

Pretzel Logic by Steely Dan Walter Becker’s death recently had me thinking about old albums. Some people can hang on to their musical tastes over decades. I see these grey old blokes in the crowd at Status Quo gigs in … Continue reading

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ah, little Pluto, it’s so good to see you

When I was small, my grandfather would buy me the weekly journal, Finding Out. I remember it well. It was an educational magazine for young minds, dealing mainly with the sciences, geography, history, and the modern world, and which, if … Continue reading

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talking about the roots in a man (zippin’ up my boots)

Richie Havens Starting early and finishing early means that I usually catch up on Dead Folk on Fridays, BBC Radio 4. Of course, it’s not called Dead Folk, it’s Last Word but I can never remember that but I know … Continue reading

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A quick catch up on some films watched on an iPad. The Idiots Danish I came across this early Dogme 95 outing yesterday, listed on a random website as one of fifty most controversial films. However, I watched it several … Continue reading

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I was taken by this photo of the Mondrian cake in the Guardian. Then maybe not: as I write this evening, I agree with the comment which says the chocolate is wrong; it should be marzipan, or perhaps darker chocolate. … Continue reading

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I’m reminded that I haven’t posted anything at all this month. We have been doing exercises in free thinking creativity. I’m not sure that’s what it’s called, more like directionless expression. The idea was to make charcoal marks for twenty … Continue reading

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The Danish Dogme genre had me pondering, not for the first time, the difference between television and cinema. Investment, obviously, but, imagining a perfect world, is there anything else? The Italian film, Io Non Ho Paura (I’m Not Scared), is … Continue reading

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