The Gallery @ Corinium

The sunshine has been such a rare sight in England this year that when a day, such as today, shows signs of a little promise, it actually hurts my eyes. I walk into town to buy some groceries, stopping off at the Corinium Museum to visit its gallery.

The gallery here is a small but more than adequate exhibition space behind the museum gift shop. Entrance has always been free. Fitting for a museum as excellent as The Corinium, it is well lit for showing fine art drawings, paintings and printmaking, although it has shown the lumpy-bumpy stuff at times. It also has a large window onto the street so if you’re walking past, it’s easy to peer in and see what’s exhibiting.

This morning, I happened upon a show by illustrator and artist, Sarah Elizabeth Butler. Her work is about landscapes, birds, and what she describes as “insanely detailed” imaginary lands drawn in fine ink pen. The landscapes comprise the majority of the exhibition; expressive in style and a divided between colourful multimedia pieces and dark charcoal, chalk and conte, nighttime and twilight scenes. They’re delightful and inspiring, especially the charcoal drawings.

It’s always worth popping by if you’re visiting Cirencester, the gallery is free as I said, but the museum is a gem too, worth a visit if you’re interested in the town, archaeology or history. It’s the best local museum I know, and I’m not saying this because I live here; it’s been recognised by far greater authorities than mine.


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