shout out

Artfinder is a site I subscribed to moons ago. Its initial appeal was that it presented famous works of art daily, along with its location, which you could tag as a favourite thus building up a personal reference collection, rather like Pinterest. This I did and added little notes to accompany each picture.

Some time later, this strategy was scrapped in favour of a new one which presented new, and rather unknown, artworks – the old famous works disappeared along with my notes. I try not to get too disgruntled by the whims, schemes and vagaries of the web, so I continued to accept daily emails. It shouldn’t need explaining that this is now an open commercial enterprise; the paintings, photos or prints are offered for sale. Normally it would take a second to look and delete the daily email. Probably about one in fifty would warrant a second look and the best of these would find their way into my Pinterest folders for inspiration.

Now Artfinder have changed tack again. Instead of focussing on a piece of art – a masterpiece, so to speak, by which we judge the artist – it’s the artist which is featured, a new one each day. This looks far better as you still head to the shop, the commercial bit, but there you’ll read something about the artist, how they work, where they work and what they’re up to. Then you can purchase a piece of work, or save it to Pinterest (or Instagram or whatever – instant links are provided). It’s a much better way of doing business, I think.

I have no commercial interests in Artfinder, I get no bung; everything I do here, I do for love.

Subscription is, I fear, required simply to peek, something a business head would need to explain because I’ve never understood it – it more often puts me off and a lot of others too.


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