20130420-200938.jpgI was taken by this photo of the Mondrian cake in the Guardian. Then maybe not: as I write this evening, I agree with the comment which says the chocolate is wrong; it should be marzipan, or perhaps darker chocolate. Now that I find it somewhat wanting I would want more coloured rectangles too. But the idea’s still good. When I was playing around on a previous blog with my silly idea of Squarts, I came up with the Mondrian Wallpaper Sampler.

On the way home today, I wondered whether Mondrian’s was the first painting to make an impression on me. There was a copy hanging in the corridor of my primary (short trousers) school, next to the head’s office. Pupils would file past it daily on their way from the morning assembly hall to their classrooms. Though no’but a little nipper, I looked upon it with quasi-intellectual intrigue: it didn’t appear to be of anything and it hung, imposingly, sans frame. Paintings had frames.

If not this, I mused in the car, then it was certainly The Green Lady, that peculiar image of an Asian woman which decorated many a suburban home. A neighbour of ours had one, hanging above the curve of their stairs in clear view of the front door. The model, Monika Pon, now an elderly woman, was interviewed recently. Even she couldn’t understand why she had been painted with a greenish complexion.

As for Mondrian, well, quite recently I experienced the real thing up close and was shocked to see he didn’t paint up to the lines. That’s the other thing: the school’s copy, in my mind, in my memory, seemed so precise!

I decided to dig out the Sampler by google,

20130420-200741.jpgThe Mondrian Wallpaper Sampler.

I’m shocked to find this was uploaded on Picasa six years ago. Seeing this among some other work I did as part of my serious return(?) to drawing and painting, this means I’ve been at it for nearly seven years! I can see a modicum of progress but I think I’ve lost some of the fun. Maybe a lot of the fun!

I also saw there’s a lot I used to dabble in that I do no more. Like doodles, and cartoons, photoshop (like the Mondrian parody here), and, most significantly, photography! I was always taking photos.


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