I’m reminded that I haven’t posted anything at all this month.

We have been doing exercises in free thinking creativity. I’m not sure that’s what it’s called, more like directionless expression.

20130223-135234.jpgThe idea was to make charcoal marks for twenty minutes and then switch with someone else and work on theirs, repeating the process every twenty minutes until everyone had contributed to every bit of work. It was a freeing experience but, needless to say, none of the finished pieces was a keeper.

Next, continuing with the free spiritedness as best we could, we kept to our own paper, inspired by a prompt word chosen by another. This is my result, influenced by the word, joyous. Make of it what you will, psychologically. I’d guess it started with a hint of Giotto with the circle – Joyous, Giotto? – the man who drew a circle for the Pope – but not a clue as to where the rest came from.

The previous week, I’d been introduced to a new medium for me: powdered graphite. It was tipped into a saucer and applied with a small sponge. Most of it went on the floor! When I began to get the hang of the sponge, the application was very pleasing. Like charcoal but much softer gradation through tones.

Sorry about the quality of photos, I took them while outside, applying fixative. The light wasn’t good. I can’t be bothered to photoshop them right now.

I have been watching some pretty poor movies lately, but one remarkable one. Another Danish Dogme, I’m afraid but I could write a popcorn post on it.



  1. Directionless expression! Welcome to my world…It can be a freeing experience for the viewer too, as open to interpretations – although people don’t like to not be told what to think some times (a lot of the time?)

  2. Thanks John. Thinking about interpretations, I’m reminded of the scene towards the end of The Time Machine, the novel not the film, when he goes way into the future. I must read it again.

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