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françoise in linocut

I feel the time is right to post something of my foray into printmaking. This is Françoise. Françoise was Picasso’s lover. Though I shouldn’t claim this is Picasso’s lover’s likeness as I only had his funny sketch to go by. … Continue reading

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is it comics week, or what?

There’s something about Tweeting that makes me feel grubby. But at least I’ve never done Facebook. In my defence, I hardly Tweet much. I’ve had an account more or less since its inception, was quickly bored by it and only … Continue reading

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It’s come to my notice that I haven’t posted any Popcorn for a while so here’s this, Last evening, I thought I’d take a chance on Jamon, Jamon, released in 1992. The sub-titles in the opening credits promised A Tale … Continue reading

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