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So little do I know about competitive cycling that I hadn’t realised until recently that Lance Armstrong is an American. It’s reasonable ignorance, I think. Picture a grown-up American on a bicycle. No, it doesn’t come easy for me either. … Continue reading

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organ jam theme tune hoo hah

What are they called, those sounds that replay uncontrollably in your mind? Earworms? For someone like me, who’s listened to a fair bit now, and takes an interest in sounds, but who hasn’t been listening to much lately due to … Continue reading

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oo poo pah do (create disturbance in your mind)

YouTube is the one thing in Googles’ empire that’s still worthwhile. (Oh, and perhaps the lesser known free hosting Google Sites.) I’m often amazed at what turns up during a casual browsing session. I hadn’t seen this before. It’s a … Continue reading

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a quick robert race chaser

Making my way back after Graham Dean, I passed an excited group of kids in a side room. They were taking in a very small exhibition of Robert Race’s small mechanical sculptures. Last year, the art centre in my home … Continue reading

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graham dean: fitter, quicker, longer

I’m in the city of Bath again, working a two month contract, so I took a lunch hour walk over to the Victoria Art Gallery. Fitter, Quicker, Longer, an exhibition of watercolours by Graham Dean, was showing in the downstairs … Continue reading

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Catching up posting about some films I’ve watched over the last three months on the iPad; Popcorn, an ongoing series, a small but growing list. One Hand Clapping (Denmark, 2001) Reeled in somewhat by the title alone, it turned out … Continue reading

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by way of an introduction…

“Don’t explain anything”Ian Dury

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